Get Your Broken iPhone Screen Fixed and Save $10 When You Make an Appointment Through the End of October


SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION School is back in session in Columbia, and that means you will be going out with your new friends, and maybe some old ones.  You may hit the bars, you may stick around the dorms or other campus housing.  Maybe you will go out and find some of the fine […]

Let’s Talk About The Difference Between Original and Aftermarket iPhone Screens

the difference between original and aftermarket iphone screens

Let Me Be Honest With You No third party iPhone repair shop uses “original” iPhone screens.  Apple, in their infinite wisdom will not sell repair parts to third party repair shops.  They are not like Ford that will sell Motorcraft alternators to O’Reillys Auto Parts.  Apple prefers to keep their parts available only at Apple […]

Let’s Repair Your Broken iPhone 7 Screen

iPhone 7 Screen Repair at Hotshot Repair in Columbia MO

Replace your iPhone 7 Screen Like a Boss! Replacing the screen on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 is not something I would advise a novice to do.  Unlike the iPhone 5 series and even the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 has a static home button.  This means that […]

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair at Hotshot Repair in Columbia MO

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair I just got finished repairing the cracked screen on this iPhone 6 Plus. Everything else was in great working order, so all they needed was a screen replacement. This repair cost this customer $65, and took under 15 minutes to install. If you have a broken screen I can help […]

iPhone 7 Screen Repair


iPhone 7 Screen Repair at Hotshot Repair in Columbia MO The iPhone 7 is just like any other phone with a front glass panel. It can be damaged in a fall too! This iPhone 7 came to me with a cracked screen. The touchscreen still worked, and so did the LCD underneath the glass. All […]

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

iPhone 7 Screen Repair at Hotshot Repair in Columbia MO

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair Follow along with me, as I replace the screen on this iPhone 7 Plus.  This screen worked fine, but my customer was getting annoyed by the broken glass.  We replaced this screen in under 20 minutes for only $85. Hotshot Repair has the lowest prices in Columbia for all iPhone […]

iPhone SE Screen Repair


iPhone SE Screen Repair If you drop your iPhone SE, or it gets crushed, I can help you out.  I can replace your iPhone SE screen in under 20 minutes, for $35.  That is the lowest price in Columbia MO, at the time of this post.  This repair comes with my lifetime warranty against manufacture […]

Touch Disease Repair


Touch Disease Repair Touch Disease happens quite a bit to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The common symptoms of touch disease are a flickering grey box at the top of your screen, and a loss of touch response on your screen. These symptoms can often be brought on by twisting your iPhones frame slightly. […]