samsung galaxy s7 review for hotshot repair in columbia mo

Nurse Nancy Left Me a Five Star Review on Google

This nice lady, Nurse Nancy, showed up at my office. She was sent here from Batteries Plus. She had an Samsung Galaxy S7 with water damage and it was having problems charging, and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge for very long.
We took a look at it together, and cleaned the charger port. Now the phone seems to charge properly.
The battery is a harder problem.
If water entered the phone bad enough to affect the battery, it is very likely that the logic board is affected as well.
Battery repair on a Samsung Galaxy S7 is $75, but that would be a gamble for this customer. I cannot warranty liquid damaged devices, because they are prone to failure.
I explained to this customer that the battery repair is probably not a gamble that I would feel comfortable taking.
This customer was able to get this phone replaced through her credit cards insurance program. I wrote her an estimate so she could get this phone replaced.
If you have a phone that has seen better days, give me a call!
Hotshot Repair
3610 Buttonwood Dr #200
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 567-0527

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