iPhone SE Screen Repair

iPhone SE Screen Repair

If you drop your iPhone SE, or it gets crushed, I can help you out.  I can replace your iPhone SE screen in under 20 minutes, for $35.  That is the lowest price in Columbia MO, at the time of this post.  This repair comes with my lifetime warranty against manufacture defects.

If you need a new screen, give me a call at (573) 567-0527 or click the button below to get a free, updated quote.Today, we are going to take apart an iPhone SE.  This phone came to me from a return customer that had dropped the phone again and cracked the screen.

First, we need to get the old, cracked screen off the phone.  To do this we need to remove the 2 Pentalobe screws from the bottom of the frame.

After we remove the 2 Pentalobe screws, we pry up on the screen with a pry tool.  We need to be very careful not to over extend the screen.  The home button flex cable is very fragile, so we take care to just open the screen enough for us to get in there and unplug it.

After we disconnect the home button flex cable, we can open the screen the rest of the way.

With the screen open the inside of the phone is exposed.  We need to unscrew 1 Philips screw in the battery connector cover, so we can unplug the battery.  If you want, you can unscrew both screws, and remove the metal cover entirely.

With the battery unplugged we are going to move on to the LCD and Digitizer connector cover.  There are 4 screws holding this cover in place.  A few of the screws are different sizes, so you want to make sure to keep them organized, as they need to go back in the spots they came out of.  After you have the screws removed and organized, you can remove the cover and set it aside.  Now that the cover is out of the way, we can use a pry tool or our fingernail to unplug the LCD, Digitizer, and Ear Speaker connectors.  After those are disconnected we can remove the screen from the phone.

Set the frame aside and let’s focus on getting the old screen disassembled.

I like to start by working from the top down, but you can do it however you wish.  In this video I start by removing the two Philips screws that secure the ear speaker to the old screen.  After you remove those and set those aside, you can remove the ear speaker and its associated bracket.  After that is out of the way, I move down to the home button, and remove the 1 Philips screw that holds the home button flex cable against the screen.  Next, I remove the 2 Philips screws that secure the home button bracket and set them aside.  After that is done, you can poke up on the home button from the outside of the screen and pry its flex cable off the frame of the old screen.  This should release the home button flex cable from the screen enough to let you get it off there.

After you get the home button free, next we move on to the screws holding the LCD backplate on the old screen.  The LCD backplate has 4 Philips screws holding it in.  Those will need to be removed and set aside.  After you get done with that, you can remove the LCD backplate.

With all of that done, you can simply follow these directions in reverse order, or finish watching the video.

If you have an iPhone that needs repair, you can give me a call at (573) 567-0527.

I can repair your iPhone in under 20 minutes, for less than any other shop in Columbia MO.  All my iPhone screens come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.  This warranty does not cover broken glass, broken LCDs, or liquid damage.

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