iPhone 7 Screen Repair

iPhone 7 Screen Repair at Hotshot Repair in Columbia MO

The iPhone 7 is just like any other phone with a front glass panel. It can be damaged in a fall too!

This iPhone 7 came to me with a cracked screen. The touchscreen still worked, and so did the LCD underneath the glass. All this iPhone 7 needed was a new screen.  The customer wanted the screen replaced, and I was happy to oblige him.

Maybe your iPhone is broken too.  Maybe getting shards of glass in your finger tips is getting annoying.  Maybe you want to be less annoyed.  I can help you with that.  I have the lowest prices in Columbia on all iPhone repairs, guaranteed.  Give me a call at (573) 567-0527, or head over to my contact page and let me know what is wrong with your iPhone, and we can see how I can help you out.  It will be quick and painless, I promise.I started by removing the two Pentalobe screws from the bottom of the iPhone 7.  I set these aside on my mat.  Then I pried up on the bottom of the screen to separate it from the adhesive and the frame.  After I get a little bit of room I can slide my pry tool down the sides of the iPhone 7 to lift the screen up a bit more.

After the lower part of the screen is lifted up, I turn the iPhone around and gently pry up on the top part of the screen.  With a little bit of coaxing, you can flip the screen up on its side.

With the screen lifted up out of the way, I grab my tri-wing screw driver and remove the 4 tri-wing screws that hold the LCD connector cover in place.  These screws are all different sizes so you want to keep them organized, so you don’t mix up where they went.  With the tri-wing screws out of the way, I remove the cover plat and set it aside with the screws.

Next, I move up to the ear speaker flex cable cover.  This cover has two phillips screws in it that can be removed and set aside.  After you get the screws out of there, you can set the cover next to them.  After the cover is out of the way, I pull up gently on the cable to remove it from the logic board.

That will free the screen from the frame, so we can set the frame aside, and work on the screen.

I like to start at the top of the screen and work my way down.

I start with the ear speaker bracket, by removing the six screws that hold it on.  I remove them with a phillips screw driver, and set them aside in an organized fashion.  That will let me remove the bracket from the back of the screen, then I can set it aside with the screws.

With the braket out of the way, I can fold the front camera out of the way, and remove the ear speaker.  I set it aside, and leave the rest of the proximity sensor and front camera cable to hang out for a bit.  We will need to use heat to remove them, so I save that until a bit later.

Next, I remove the 6 tri-wing screws from the LCD back plate.  These are all the same size, so I set them in a neat little pile on my mat.

Now I move on to the home button bracket.  This also uses tri-wing screws, but again, they are all the same size.  I remove those suckers, and set them aside.  Then I remove the home button bracket, and set it aside with the screws.

That takes care of all the screws I need to remove, so now I fire up my hot air gun, so I can get the home button flex cable and ear speaker cable off of the back of the screen.

I like to use around 160 degrees Celsius.  It is not so hot that it will melt shit, but still hot enough to make the adhesive easier to work with.

I start at the top of the screen.  I heat up the ear speaker flex cable while putting gentle pressure up on the cable.  As the adhesive heats up it will let got, and the ear speaker cable will come off of the screen.  I then set it aside with the ear speaker and bracket group that it goes with.

With that out of the way, I move down to the home button and carefully heat it up until I can remove it from the old screen.  You need to be careful with this sucker, because if you break that flex cable, you home button will not work again.  No touchID, no closing apps and shit, that sucker will be broke.  You will have to take your iPhone 7 to an Apple store to have that thing fixed, so be careful.

Assuming that the home button didn’t break, you can remove it from the old screen and set it aside.

Then I heat up the LCD back plate, and remove it from the old LCD.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

This is not a repair I would tell a novice to tackle.  With all the adhesive that Apple puts on this phone, and the fragility of the home button, you should probably let an expert handle this one.

I have been repairing the iPhone 7 since its introduction, and I am good as hell at it.

Hotshot Repair has the lowest prices in Columbia for all iPhone screen repairs.  Currently this iPhone 7 screen repair was just $75, and only took me about 15 minutes to install.  This repair comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects so this customer can rest easy, knowing that if there is an issue with this new screen, they can just let me know and I will take care of them.  I am not a turd.

Why don’t you head over to my iPhone repair page so you can learn more about the stuff I can fix on your broken iPhone.

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