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iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

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iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

Follow along with me, as I replace the screen on this iPhone 7 Plus.  This screen worked fine, but my customer was getting annoyed by the broken glass.  We replaced this screen in under 20 minutes for only $85.

Hotshot Repair has the lowest prices in Columbia for all iPhone screen repairs.  Check me out for all of your iPhone repair needs.  All of my iPhone screen repairs come with my lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.  Hotshot Repair has a 5 star Google rating and is BBB accredited.

Today we will replace the screen on this iPhone 7 Plus.

This iPhone 7 Plus came to me with a broken screen.  I tested out the touchscreen, the LCD, and the various buttons.  Everything seemed to work ok, but the broken glass was annoying my customer.  They wanted the screen replaced.

We start by removing the 2 Pentalobe screws from the bottom of the iPhone 7 Plus.  After that is done, we can pry up on the screen with a pry tool.  As we loosen the bottom of the screen from the frame., we can slide a pry tool down the side of the screen, to free the screen from the adhesive.

After the screen is free from the frame, we can lift it about 90 degrees to the side and start removing the screws from the LCD connector cover plate.  These screws are Apples new tri-wings screws, that you will need a special driver for.  You can find this driver at iFixit.com.  Remove these screws and set them aside in an organized fashion.  You will want to put them back in the places they came out of.  After you get all the screws out, you can remove the LCD connector cover plate and set it aside with the screws.

Next, we want to move on to the ear speaker connector cover.  On the iPhone 7 Plus this cover is held in place with 3 Philips screws.  You can remove these screws and set them aside.  After they are free, you can remove the cover.  After the cover is removed you can pull up on the ear speaker flex cable to free it from the logic board.

With the screen free from the iPhone 7 Plus frame, we can get to work moving all the guts from the old screen to the new one.  I like to start at the top of the screen and work my way toward the bottom.

I start with the ear speaker bracket.  I remove the 5 Phillips screws securing the bracket to the screen.  I remove these and set them aside.  I make sure to keep them organized, so I know where they came from.  With the bracket free, I fold the front camera back, and remove the ear speaker.

I leave the ear speaker flex cable on the screen at this point and move on to the home button.

I remove the 4 tri-wing screws from the home button bracket and set them aside.  They are all the same size, so you don’t really need to worry about them.  After you have removed the four screws, you can remove the home button bracket and set it aside with the screws you just removed.

Now I warm up my hot air gun.

I heat the ear speaker flex cable just enough that the adhesive holding it to it’s frame is loose.  I lift on the flex cable and heat it at the same time, until the flex cable is free from the screen.  I set the flex cable aside with its bracket.

Now I heat up the home button flex cable for about 6 seconds or so.  Be careful not to over heat this flex cable as you could cause irreparable damage to the home button.  If you damage this home button, the touchID, and home button function will not work again, short of taking it to an Apple store to have the home button replaced.  Once the home button flex cable is free from the frame you can press the home button out of the screen by pressing on the back of the home button.

My screens come with the LCD backplate preinstalled, so the removal and replacement of the LCD backplate is not shown in this video, but it is straight forward.

After all the components have been removed for the screen, you can reassemble the new screen by following these instructions in reverse.

If this doesn’t look like your cup of tea, no problem.  I can repair your iPhone 7 Plus screen for $85, in under 20 minutes.

All you have to do is give me a call at (573) 567-0527, or visit my website at https://staging4.hotshot.repair/mo/columbia/

You can also stop by my office:

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