iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair at Hotshot Repair in Columbia MO

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair

I just got finished repairing the cracked screen on this iPhone 6 Plus. Everything else was in great working order, so all they needed was a screen replacement.

This repair cost this customer $65, and took under 15 minutes to install.

If you have a broken screen I can help you too! Give me a call to see how much money you could save replacing your broken screen versus buying a new iPhone.

So, you want to replace the screen on your iPhone 6 Plus?

No problem.

I start by removing the 2 Pentalobe screws from the bottom of the iPhone 6 Plus.  I set these aside, on my mat.  We want to try to keep all of these screws organized, because in some cases you could damage the logic board by installing the wrong screw in the wrong spot.

After I remove the 2 Pentalobe screws from the iPhone, I use a pry tool to lift up on the screen and free it from the frame.

Be careful not to lift the screen more than 90 degrees, otherwise you could damage the cables, and stop the screen from working properly.

With the screen lifted up and out of the way, I remove the 2 phillips screws from the battery connector cover, and remove it and set them aside.  I want to unplug the batter first to remove power from the iPhone 6 Plus and prevent damage to the backlight circuit.

After I unplug the battery, I can move on to the LCD connector cover.  It has 5 phillips screws that need to be removed and set aside.  Keep these screws organized, because this is where you could damage the logic board by installing the screws improperly.

After I set aside the screws and cover, I can disconnect the LCD, digitizer, home button, and front camera cables.  After you have done that you can remove the screen from the iPhone 6 Plus, and set the frame aside.

Now I begin working on removing all the stuff from the old screen so I can install it on the new screen.

I like to start at the top of the screen and work my way down.

I remove the 3 phillips screws from the ear speaker bracket.  I set the screws and bracket aside.

Then I remove 1 phillips screw from the top of the LCD cover plate.

After that is done I move down to the home button.  I remove the 2 phillips screws from the home button bracket, and set them all aside on my mat.  Very carefully disconnect the home button flex cable from the screen, and pry up on it to release it from its adhesive.

Be very careful not to damage this home button.  Doing so means you will have to take a trip to an Apple store and have then install a new one.  If you damage your home button, you could lose the TouchID function of the iPhone, and possibly even the other functions too.

If you managed to get your home button off of the old screen set it aside.

There will be one phillips screw remaining in the bottom of the LCD backplate.  Remove it and set it aside.

Now we focus on the LCD backplate.

Remove the 6 phillips screws that secure it to the LCD, and set them aside.

That completes the disassembly of the old screen.  Just follow these steps in reverse to reassemble your new screen.  The video above has reassembly included, so you can watch it to get an idea what you may be dealing with.  I don’t want to type out all of that crap, so watch the video.

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