My Galaxy S5 Charger Port Broke

My Samsung Galaxy S5 charger port was on the fritz.  It would lose connection rather often, and then reconnect, and then disconnect again.  It was getting frustrating.  Rather than throw my phone at the wall, I decided to take a chance and try to put a bandaid on the situation.

Replacing the charger port in a Samsung Galaxy S5, can be dangerous.  Samsung, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to adhere the back of the AMOLED screen to the middle frame beneath it.  The adhesive they use is pretty strong, and I have not had a lot of luck getting a screen off of a Galaxy S5 without breaking the LCD in the process.  Replacing the display on the Galaxy S5 can be rather expensive, at around $115 or so.  I would rather not spend this money, if I don’t have to.

In a fit of desperation I decided to see if the connection issue was external to the phone, or internal.  Is the problem is on the pins on the inside of the charger port, or is the problem with the pins soldered to the logic board.

My idea was to lay a layer of solder on the pins in the USB port, and see if that would solve the problem.

To this end, I readied my soldering iron, and got to work.

I began on the left hand side of the usb port, as it is the ancillary USB 3.0 part.  I could still charge the phone with the other side if I screwed up this section.  I feel like I made quite a mess of this side, with the soldering iron melting the plastic under the metal pins.  Nevertheless, I moved on to the other side.

After all was said and done, I cleaned the USB port with alcohol, and blew the charger port clean.

As I tested the phone I held my breath.  Hopefully the phone would still charge, as I would have to wait several days to get a new charger port, and probably have to spend extra money on a new display.

As I tested the phone, all seemed well.  The phone charges and keeps charging.  Data transfer seems to be unaffected, as it still connects to my computer fine.  Hopefully this bandaid will hold for a while, and save me from having to throw money into this phone.  I would rather just replace it, then put more repairs into it.

If you are having a problem with your phone, I can probably help you out too.  Send me a message, and let me know if you need any thing.


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