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Looking for the best place to repair your iPhone 6’s screen in Columbia?

Hotshot Repair give you the best of both worlds, a budget-friendly repair and quick service. In 3 simple steps, you can get a quick fix for your iPhone 6.

  1. Walk into my store and tell me what the problem is with your iPhone 6 screen
  2. I will then run a quick diagnostics check and once I am done, I can give you an estimate
  3. You can get your iPhone 6 screen repair done in 10 minutes!

What are the benefits of coming to Hotshot Repair?

  • Cost advantage: You cannot get an iPhone 6 screen repair done anywhere else in Columbia at the prices I offer! If you do find something cheaper, you are welcome to bring the iPhone to me and I will match that price!

  • I have the required experience: In fact, I have been involved with iPhone 6 repairs since their launch in 2014. If you need an experienced technician who can point out the problems with his eyes closed, you have come to the right place!

  • Very quick turnaround time: You not only get the benefit of the years of experience I have in handling iPhone 6 screen repairs, but you get the time advantage as well! You can walk out within 10 minutes of handing your iPhone to me. You read that right. 10 minutes is all it takes for me (most of the time) to complete the screen repair.

  • Lifetime warranty: After your iPhone 6 repair is done, you need not worry about issues like blanking out of the screen, touchscreen ghosting because I offer a lifetime warranty that comes at no additional charge.

Call me now to get the best deal on iPhone 6 screen repair.

iPhone 6 Screen Repair

iPhone 6 Screen Repair Columbia MO

I can repair the cracked screen or broken LCD on your iPhone 6, faster and cheaper than anyone else in Columbia MO.  All of my iPhone 6 screen repair parts come with my exclusive lifetime warranty at no additional charge.

Click Here, to learn more about the difference between the aftermarket and original parts.

Visit my price comparison page, to see how I compare to my competition.


$4199plus tax
iPhone 6 Charger Port Repair Columbia MO

iPhone 6 Charger Port Repair

I can replace your damaged or dirty charger port quicker than any other place in Columbia, MO.  I can often do this repair in under 30 minutes, while you wait.  This repair uses standard quality parts, and carries a 30 day warranty.


$2800plus tax
  • Standard Quality
  • 30 Day Warranty
  • 30 Minute Repair
iPhone 6 Battery Repair Columbia MO

iPhone 6 Battery Repair

I can replace your dead or failing battery, in under 30 minutes, while you wait.  This repair uses high quality parts, for a lasting repair.  Your new battery will carry a 30 day warranty, against manufacture defects.


$3250plus tax
  • Standard Quality
  • 30 Day Warranty
  • 30 Minute Repair
iPhone 6 Repair Columbia MO

Other iPhone 6 Repairs

I can repair many more common issues with the iPhone 5s.  Everything from broken screens and LCDs, to failing home and power buttons.  If the repair you need isn’t listed above, just fill in this contact form, and I will get back to you with a quote, as soon as possible.