iPad Repair



iPad Screen Repair

Your iPad has a glass screen on it, just like your other devices.  If your iPad is dropped or crushed, it can suffer the same fate.  Now you have a repair shop in Columbia MO that can fix your iPad screen, and get it back to you looking like new again.  I can fix your iPad screen in about an hour, usually for less than $95.

Why take your precious iPad anywhere else?

I offer the lowest prices on iPad screen repairs, in Columbia.  Don’t pay a fortune at another shop, or waste your time taking your iPad to an Apple store.

Get your iPad screen replaced for less at Hotshot Repair.


iPad Battery Replacement

Is your iPads battery is draining faster than it used to, or it isn’t holding a charge like it did.  If you said yes then it is probably time to put a new battery in that sucker.

You are in luck though.  I can replace your iPad battery in about an hour or so, for less than $100.

Why buy another $600 device, when you can get your iPad battery replaced, and have it working as good as it used to.  Give me a call or stop by my contact page to find out how much you can save on your new iPad battery.

Don’t buy another device.  Save money at Hotshot Repair.


iPad Charger Port Repair

If your iPad has stopped charging, or it is charging very slowly, you may need a new charger port.  Don’t worry though.  I can repair charger ports too!  Not only can I repair your charger port, but I will also save you money in the process.

Charger port repair on most iPads is under $85, and can usually be done in under an hour or so.

Don’t put up with the hassle of a broken or slow charger port, get it replaced, and get back to using your iPad.  Find out how Hotshot Repair can get your iPad fixed and back in your hands faster and cheaper than any other shop in Columbia MO.


Other iPad Repairs

If the repair that you need for your iPad isn’t listed, don’t worry.  I can repair almost any problem that your iPad may be having.  I can fix a variety of other iPad repair issues.

  • Broken Screens
  • Broken LCDs
  • Broken Charger Ports
  • Bad Batteries
  • Broken Volume and Power Buttons
  • Broken Home Buttons
  • Speakers
  • Wifi Antennas
  • Liquid Damage
  • and More

If your iPad is causing you grief, give me a call, and we will see if I have the right iPad repair for you.

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