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iPad Repair in Columbia MO

If your iPad slipped and tumbled to the floor, the chances are pretty good the the screen broke.  If that is the case, I am here to get your iPad screen fixed, and back to you as fast as possible.

I can repair many common problems that will happen to your iPad.  Things like broken screens, bad charger ports, and other common issues.  I can save you money on these repairs.  I have the lowest rates in Columbia, which means my prices won’t be beat.

Your repair will be fast.  Most iPad repairs can be done in about an hour.  You won’t just save money, you will save time too!

iPad Screen Repair

Most iPad Screen Repairs are Under $95

You don’t have to put up the the pain of a broken screen on your iPad any longer.  I can replace your iPad screen in about an hour or so, for less than any other shop in Columbia.  Most of my iPad screen repairs are less than $95 or so.

iPad screen repairs are fast too, with most of them done in about an hour.

Don’t wait any longer, that broken screen isn’t going to fix itself.  Save money on your iPad screen repair, and get it done fast.