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Computer Repair in Columbia MO

When your computer is causing you problems, get help from the only place in Columbia MO that has the lowest prices and the fastest service.

No matter what ails your computer, I can probably fix it.  I can fix everything from failing hard drives to broken screens.  No matter what is happening to your computer or laptop, I will save you time and money.

Your computer repair will cost less at Hotshot Repair.  I encourage you to call around and get prices, and then call me.  If I don’t have the lowest prices, just let me know about it, and I will beat your lowest estimate.

Getting your computer fixed shouldn’t take forever either.  Most of my repair services can be done in the same day.

Screen Repair

Screen Repair Starts at $100

Laptops can suffer the same screen damage that cellphones and tablets can.  If you leave a pen on top of your keyboard, and shut your screen, you may need my help.

I can replace broken laptop screens, and it won’t cost a lot.  Most other places in Columbia are looking to get upwards of $150 for most screen repairs.  My prices are lower and start at just $100.  Of course this depends on the model of the laptop, and the cost of the parts, but I have the lowest labor rate in Columbia, so you will pay less at Hotshot Repair.

My repairs are fast too, with most screen repairs done in about an hour.

Hard Drive Repair or Upgrade

Hard Drive Upgrades Start at $150

If your computer is slowing down, or has stopped responding altogether, it may be time to replace an aging to failing hard drive.

Hard drive replacement or upgrades start at just $150.

This includes:

  • Replacing Your Old Hard Drive
  • Reinstalling Your Operating System
  • Moving your Documents, Photos, and Music

Cost can vary depending on the size of the hard drive you want installed, and the speed.  Let’s take Solid State Drives for example.  These will be more expensive to install then regular hard drives.

Most hard drive upgrades can be done the same day.

Memory Upgrades

Memory Upgrades Start at $80

Memory upgrades can add new life to an old computer.  If your computer is showing its age, a memory upgrade may be just what the doctor ordered.

As applications get larger, and require more memory to run, older computers may not be up to the task.  Any computer today that has under 4 gigabytes of memory available will seem to run very slowly.  This will cause hourglass and pinwheel icons anytime you try to open an application.

Upgrading to more memory can solve these issues.