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 iPhone 5iPhone 5ciPhone 5siPhone SE
Hotshot Repair$36.99$36.99$36.99$36.99
Shop 1$39.99$39.99$39.99$39.99
Shop 2$50.00$50.00$50.00$65.00

As you can see on these older iPhone models, we are all scraping the barrel so to speak.  There isn’t much difference to be seen here.  Hotshot Repair is still the cheapest in town, saving you about $3.00.  Most iPhone repair shops try to make up for the lack of profit on these older iPhone models, by charging more for the newer models.

 iPhone 6iPhone 6 Plus
Hotshot Repair$41.99$43.99
Shop 1$49.99$69.99
Shop 2$75.00$75.00

As we take a look at this table, we can see the gap is widening.  Hotshot Repair is nearly $8.00 cheaper than my nearest competitor, and far below that of the other shop in town.

 iPhone 6siPhone 6s Plus
Hotshot Repair$48.99$54.99
Shop 1$79.99$89.99
Shop 2$85.00$95.00

I think your choice would be obvious here, short of brand loyalty, but I shop based on price, and warranties.  If you do the math, you will see that Hotshot Repair is over $30.00 less expensive then the nearest competitor.  That is a savings that would make me want to take a gamble on the new guy in town.

 iPhone 7iPhone 7 Plus
Hotshot Repair$54.99$57.50
Shop 1$89.99$99.99
Shop 2$95.00$105.00

As we get into the iPhone 7’s the price gap is even wider.  At over $35 in savings versus the other guys, Hotshot Repair is the clear winner.  If you have an iPhone 7 Plus you will save over $40 with me against them.  Just food for thought.

All prices listed are based on comparison calls that I make to the locations listed.  These prices are the stated prices during the phone call, and may not include any available discounts, if they are not mentioned during the call.

Please keep in mind that these prices are subject to change, and are simply the prices I called around and got, or pulled from FaceBook posts.  The two shops mentioned here are both at the top when performing a Google search, so I consider them my fiercest competition.

All of Hotshot Repairs listed prices, are for standard quality parts, when available.  Premium quality parts may be available at additional cost.