Call Hotshot Repair for fast, friendly iPhone repair, that won’t cost a lot of money.  I have been fixing iPhones, iPads and computers for over a decade, and I am probably one of the only people in Columbia certified to repair iPhone and iPad logic boards. That means other shops send the devices that they can’t fix to me. Why not skip the middle man, and come straight to the only shop in Columbia that will do the job right, the first time.

I don’t just fix iPhones either.  If you need iPad repair or computer repair, I can help you out too.  I can replace cracked screens, and broken LCDs, replace charger ports and power jacks, and even replace batteries.

No matter what is happening to your precious device, I can probably fix it.


No matter what device is causing you headaches, I can help you out.  I can fix your broken screens and replace your failed charger ports.  I can replace your dead batteries, and even bring your phone back from the dead after liquid damage.

It doesn’t end there though.  If your computer is acting up, I can help you with that too.  I can replace failing hard drives, and even upgrade your computer with the latest state of the art solid state drives.  I can increase your computers memory capacity, letting you run more applications.  I can even remove viruses and malware from your computer making it run like new again.


Other shops in Columbia charge up to $25 to take a look at your device. At Hotshot Repair I offer FREE initial diagnostics for iPhones and iPads.


I specialize in hard to repair devices, that other shops turn away. If another shop in Columbia told you your device can’t be fixed, come to Hotshot Repair.


Hotshot Repair has the lowest prices in Columbia. If you get a lower quote in writing from somewhere else, just bring it in and I will beat it.


Fast & effective repair!
C Froman
C F.
11:58 03 Jul 18
If I could rate higher I would. Kevin Was able to bring my phone back from the utter destruction that irepair did to my phone. Even though I now have to get a new phone because my microphone and charging port area was destroyed by irepair, Kevin was able to get a port in there that enabled me to charge my battery and get my photos and other things off of it which was before thought to not be able to happen. I cannot recommend him enough. I only wish I would have gone to him first so that my phone would have been done the right way the first time
daniel wichern
daniel W.
20:55 07 Dec 17
Professional, personable and best price! From now on, all my phone repairs will be done there.
Roger Ross
Roger R.
19:57 07 May 18
My MacBook had extensive water damage and this shop backed it up to an external hard drive and repaired the damage for less than $200. The first place I took it said the repair would be near $600. They answered all of my questions and talked me through everything. Prompt, professional, and affordable!
Heather Silvey
Heather S.
02:12 09 Nov 18
Kevin is the BES! He's extremely knowledgeable and honest. He will do what's needed to repair your i item, and is great at explaining what needs to be done....
Jackie O.
Jackie O.
11:52 07 Jan 19
Kevin runs an amazing business. The refurbished S7 I bought wasn't so refurbished on the battery side of things. Kevin not only swapped the battery out flawlessly, but spent a good amount of time making sure that IF I decided to send the phone back after the repair, the company would still accept it.Considering he took time to make sure I knew all the possible contingencies, was upfront and honest about everything, and was in general just a nice guy to hang out with, I highly recommend Hotshot Repair.
Jonathan Thacker
Jonathan T.
15:09 19 Nov 18
Fast, professional, and cheapest repair I’ve found in town. Hotshot Repair replaced the LCD screen on my iPad mini in a matter of hours and now it works perfectly. Very pleased with the customer service and quality of the work. This is the only place I would go to repair my iPhone or iPad in Columbia.
Luisa Neves
Luisa N.
02:42 17 Oct 17
My adorable 8 month old lab decided that he would retrieve my wife's iPhone for her. Though his intentions were good, it was a little rough on the phone. His tooth damaged the home button, resulting in her being unable to unlock the phone easily. I called Kevin with Hotshot Repair to inquire what my options would be to repair it. After spending 5 minutes describing all of my options, including suggesting other businesses that could provide the service, he then took the extra time to walk me through changing a setting that allows my wife to use her phone until we get it fixed. I am very thankful for Kevin's professionalism and superb customer service! Anyone needing phone repair should definitely talk to Hotshot Repair first!
Jacob Heyen
Jacob H.
17:24 07 Jan 20
Great service, great prices, and he'll communicate with you as he is working on your electronics. I won't go anywhere else for electronic repairs.
amy spain
amy S.
17:17 26 Jan 20
I had my PS4 fan burn out, and was panicking for a week. Found Kevin and had a great conversation on the phone, and repair took a day (technically hours,...
Leon S.
Leon S.
10:46 18 Mar 20
Great customer service and reasonably priced! When you make an appointment online, you receive a discount for $10 (awesome!) I made my appointment for an iPhone 6 battery replacement. The time it took to replace the battery was extremely fast (~15 minutes at most). Kevin kindly displayed the repair process through his camera and monitor so I didn't have to stare at the wall the entire time. He is extremely technologically knowledgable. He was able to answer all of the questions and misconceptions I had about battery life (e.g., will keeping the phone charged all night damage the battery, does unplugging the phone when it is not 100% charged damage the battery, etc). Thanks again for the great service!
britney liu
britney L.
05:40 13 Oct 18
Kevin diagnosed and repaired quickly, effectively and for a much more reasonable price than Apple. Samsung screen replacement & iPhone home button. Will definitely keep his number near.
Lauren Smith
Lauren S.
17:48 25 Oct 18
AWESOME!If you have a problem with your phone or tablet and want straight forward advice, Call Now.Repairs of my equipment were fast, reasonable, and successful.The best service for repairs, of any type, I have had in town.
Jim Hereagain
Jim H.
12:20 16 Jul 18
Kevin gave us a quick repair (under 2 hours) at an affordable price � Definitely recommend his service!
Samantha Conners
Samantha C.
17:48 01 Oct 17
Kevin is a great guy. He allows you to watch him perform the repair and all the while giving you helpful insight to preserve or maintain your phone. He has a convenient website that allows you to make an appointment with him online and if you do so he gives you a $10 discount. Overall it was a great and fast experience. I would highly recommend!Darren F.
Darren Freese
Darren F.
18:53 18 Oct 18
Great service. Highly recommend this business. I randomly searched for iPhone repair today after I shattered my screen. They were $20 less than the...
Space D.
Space D.
10:33 13 Jul 19
Excellent service and excellent price. Kevin did a great job with the screen replacement on my daughter's iPhone 6s. He went above and beyond--even assisting at no cost with an issue on another device of mine that was poorly repaired elsewhere. Kevin knows his stuff. I would highly recommend.
Bill Costello
Bill C.
00:26 03 Jan 18
Fixed my phone in under 15 min, and it looks and works perfectly. He even gives a free screen protector, and the repair is half the price of everyone else in town.
Mason Mendez
Mason M.
21:24 02 Nov 17
Replaced my phone screen in about an hour. I will use again if I need more electronic repairs.
Dan Mueller
Dan M.
18:40 06 Apr 20
My iPhone 6 got the black screen of death! Found Hotshot repair on google search. He replaced the screen, battery and my ear phone ( sound had gotten weak on phone calls) . Great service and knowledge on the repairs! Highly recommend Hotshot repair!
bill kersey
bill K.
06:55 27 Apr 20
Kevin has successfully fixed two devices of mine. He is hugely knowledgeable and discussed the prices and my options with me, to allow me to decide which way to proceed before repair work was undertaken. I have had screens repaired in the past but I haven’t felt that the Apple technical knowledge has been anything compared to this guy! Great customer service!
Fiona Young
Fiona Y.
21:02 18 Jun 19
My son broke an iPad screen about as bad as it can be. Kevin was able to get me in for same day service with a turn around time of around an hour. Screen looks perfect and you cant beat the price. Will be going to him if I need any more repairs.
Aaron Smith
Aaron S.
19:48 13 Mar 19
By far the best customer service, fast and professional care for your electronics. Thanks Kevin I will recommend Hotshot repair to all my friends!!
Aubray Davis
Aubray D.
14:35 11 May 18
My 8 year daughter was devastated that her laptop wasn't working. Even though we had discussed the danger of viruses, she still managed to get a nasty one that completely demolished Windows 10 and made the 1 year old netbook non functional. I took it to Hotshot repair without much hope, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Very up front communication about options, which was awesome because it was only a $300 netbook and I wasn't looking to spend a fortune. Came up with plan, and executed and within 3 hours my daughter's laptop was functioning as new. Unlike the big box services that literally go down the online help steps in front of you, Hotshot is a one man show who knows his stuff working out of his workshop/office. I cannot recommend this service enough, and I am thrilled to have a computer guy now that I can call upon if something happens again!
Sean Roberts
Sean R.
22:13 27 Nov 18
By far the best customer service, fast and professional care for your electronics. Thanks Kevin I will recommend Hotshot repair to all my friends!!
Aubray Davis
Aubray D.
13:52 11 May 18
I brought in a iPhone 6s and was fixed in under 10 minutes, A very great guy to go to for phone repairs. Very good with working with you on pricing’s for your phone. Fast and determined
Brianna Redmon
Brianna R.
16:33 20 Jun 19
Kevin gave us good advice and did a perfect repair on our water-damaged Lenovo laptop. We couldn't be more pleased with his service and the quality of his work.
Brian Kinkade
Brian K.
16:59 19 Jan 19
Finally got my phone screen repaired today! I wish I would have taken a picture of how AWFUL my screen was to show everyone the magic that can be done by Kevin at Hotshot Repair... I wasn't even sure it was going to be fixable. Kevin was quick, the screen looks great, and he even put a screen protector on to help keep his work nice and pretty! I appreciated the quick drop off and pick up service. I waited WAAAAAY too long to get this done. If I would have known how inexpensive it was I would have done it sooner. If your phone screen is cracked and unbearable or embarrassing like mine, go see him or at least get a free quote!
Brandon Banks
Brandon B.
02:29 12 Apr 18
I recently took my granddaughter's iPad to Hotshot for a screen repair. It was a pleasure working with Kevin to repair this problem. He was able to order...
David L.
David L.
06:22 07 Dec 19
Kevin was fantastic! Thoroughly explained all possible problems I might be experiencing. He was able to give me ideas of cost for repair and kept in touch...
Amy S.
Amy S.
16:23 02 Nov 19
Awesome service! My phone screen was very cracked and I've been putting off getting it repaired because I didn't want to deal with the hassle, but Kevin fixed it under 20 minutes and I'm very happy with the results!
Abby Labonte
Abby L.
00:07 07 Jun 18
Had my iPhone screen replaced today. Would recommend Hotshot to anyone in need of electronics repair. Very easy to find. It took 15 minutes just like he said. We just hung out while he did the repair. Great guy.
Logan McGuffey
Logan M.
22:28 20 Apr 18
Hotshot Repair is by far the best Apple repair shop I have been to! Kevin is quick at getting back to your requests and is very accomodating. He’s honest and willing to go the extra mile to make you happy. I had battery and microphone problems and had to come back a couple times after my initial visit. Even with the extra time and effort, he didn’t feel the need to charge me more. Though Hotshot Repairs has less reviews than competitors, it is well worth going to both for the prices and service. You won’t be disappointed. There’s a reason why all of the reviews are five stars. Thank you for everything, Kevin! I wish you nothing but the best.
Brandon Spink
Brandon S.
14:40 14 Mar 18
Hotshot Repair did an outstanding job on repairing my IPhone 7 screen. He was quick, friendly and very reasonable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else in Columbia to get my repairs done.
Al Thuet
Al T.
14:32 27 Oct 18
I had the battery replaced in my iPhone two weeks ago. I could not be more satisfied! My phone is operating and holding a charge like I remember it doing when it was new.The whole replacement took less than 15 minutes . . . it could not be more convenient. Kevin’s customer service was great; he honored an old price that was still posted and took the time to inform me of future concerns to be aware of. Nice to have a new “go to” for my future phone and computer repairs!
Jeff Wiese
Jeff W.
19:34 06 Jun 19
Super speedy repair. I walked in without calling ahead and was out within 15 minutes, and was quoted cheaper than elsewhere in town.
Isabella Richardson
Isabella R.
03:52 26 Sep 19
Head on over to hotshot repair if you need your iPhone screen fixed. They fixed up my iPhone in under 10 minutes while I watched. They replaced my screen and it looks great. I will definitely be going back for any iPhone repairs I need in the future.
Brice Imsland
Brice I.
16:58 17 Jan 18
Hotshot Repair fixed my cracked screen super fast and I was very happy with the price! I definitely recommend Hotshot repair
Tabitha Anderson Johnson
Tabitha Anderson J.
17:58 17 Dec 18
I came in with a horribly crack iPhone 7. He was able to repair and restore my phone without any difficulty. The experience was enjoyable because it was quick and affordable, plus you would able to view everything as during the process! I appreciated his time and patience.
Melody Satterfield
Melody S.
17:15 08 Sep 18
Kevin did a great job repairing the camera on my iPhone X. He answered all my questions, kept me up to date on the repair and fixed the camera at a great price.
Chad Stephenson
Chad S.
21:02 25 Jan 19
Super fast and convenient service and a great price! I highly recommend Hotshot repair
Tabitha Johnson
Tabitha J.
17:54 17 Dec 18
Very fast, low priced and amazing customer service. I’m extremely happy with my repaired phone
Abigail Froman
Abigail F.
18:10 01 Aug 18
I had a broken LCD and screen on my iPhone7, when I reached out to Kevin at HotShot Repairs. He was quick to respond on email, and when I came in the fix took no more than 30 minutes. My phone is essentially brand new. He was incredibly thorough and transparent regarding the repair and the process, and I saved a lot of money and hassle seeking a repair rather than a replacement or a refurbished phone from Verizon. It's an extra bonus that he's nice and your supporting a small, local business. Thank you Kevin!
Stephanie Clookey
Stephanie C.
11:49 13 Mar 18
Took my cracked iPad to him and he was the cheapest cost by far compared to every other cracked screen repair. He is almost half of the next guys cost. Was very polite and fast. Would recommend.
Sean Kingston
Sean K.
21:25 22 Oct 19
AMAZING service. Kevin invited me to stay and watch and I was in awe of his skill and equipment! I’m so glad I stayed to watch because I learned so much as he used his knowledge and technological machines to diagnose and identify the issue and I got to witness the whole process with his specialized cameras on a big screen that showed the most intricate details! Kevin himself is so professional and friendly. I will always use Hotshot repair from now on! Thank you!
Desiree Holloway
Desiree H.
04:23 24 May 18
Kevin has helped me personally, and my customers (I work at a phone store) repair dozens of phones. He is always competitively priced, honest, and quick. I've seen other shops in town leave gouges in the housing and glue everywhere for a simple screen or speaker repair. Kevin@ HotShot on the other hand is an absolute professional, his repairs are visually undetectable, and easy to understand service with a kind heart to boot. I'd give an extra star if I could.
Meena Heartsong
Meena H.
17:22 01 Oct 18
All my iPhones including 3, 4, 5, 6 and my current iPhone 7, all have had screen work/replacement. After dealing with Apple, and being advised my only option was to purchase the new iPhone, Lucky I come across their services. Apple dropes your warranty after two iPhone Replacements. Every repair and was completed within 30 minutes. The thought of the process of returning my iPhone to Apple for repair, waiting for repair, was instantly dissolved when they fixrd my iPhone within 30 minutes. They also offer computer repairs. I hauled in an old laptop, they added parts to make it run smoother and faster. I would highly recommend their services.
Stephen Rasmussen
Stephen R.
18:49 25 Sep 18
My niece, I promise it wasn’t me, dropped my iPhone 7 into the toilet and it was quite a while before we found it. It was especially desperate because my wife lost both her parents last year and we had important pictures of them on it. We put it in a bag of rice for two days but it was lifeless. Columbia irepair wasn’t able to help, but luckily I called Hotshot Repair and talked to Kevin. He was really nice and said to come right over and he’d look at it. I was surprised when he said if he couldn’t fix it then he wouldn’t charge me. He had it working again in two hours and saved all of our family photos. And the best thing was it hardy cost anything! I’m amazed at his work.
Brice Imsland
Brice I.
04:05 18 Jan 18
Awesome service, quick repair, best prices in town.
Roy James
Roy J.
22:33 09 Aug 19
Great customer service, prices and efficiency! Had my phone repaired within 10 minutes when another shop in town told me it wasn't fixable. Highly recommend!
Brooke Saharovici
Brooke S.
18:37 08 Dec 17
Kevin is by far the best iPhone repair technician in Columbia. I have brought a few things to Hotshot Repair to repair everything from iPhones to MacBooks. All have been fixed in a timely and affordable fashion. There is no other place in Columbia that I will be taking my broken electronics too. Thank you for your help Kevin. I will tell my friends about you.
Lisa Strait
Lisa S.
23:33 19 Jun 19
Kevin Lee at hotshot repair did an awesome job on my iPad Air. He replaced the battery and it in under three hours and it didn’t cost a whole lot of money. I highly recommend you visit hotshot repair for any iPad issues you may have.
Valerie Easterly
Valerie E.
18:25 18 Jul 18
Hands down best place to go especially for college kids. Kevin works with you and explains every step by step thoroughly unlike other phone repair stores in columbia. I tried to go to igenie to replace my charging port but they couldn't do it so kevin helped me out with it and my phone is working better than before. Very reasonable with the prices compared to other places in columbia. Hotshot repair is the place to go to if you are looking for cheap and reliable place for your broken phone.
Daniel Kim
Daniel K.
01:40 06 Feb 18
Kevin is the absolute best. The hard drive on our computer failed. He was able to diagnose our issues within minutes. Kevin explained the issues and gave options for repair. He was also able to get a new hard drive and have it installed quickly. Very fairly priced and exceptional knowledge/skills. This will be the only place we take our computer/phone issues to. I can't say enough how pleased and impressed we were with Hotshot Repair.
Stephanie Zaner
Stephanie Z.
15:07 03 Jun 18
Go to Kevin!! If you have any doubt or hesitation whatsoever- get rid of it and GO! He repaired my iPhone8+ for $95. I got to the parking lot and realized my camera was blurry. I came right back in- he fixed it, made sure I was happy with it. Even put tempered glass screen protector on it for no charge. He goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are happy and you can just sit and chill in his office with him while he quickly gets the problem solved. You will not find service, quality and price like this anywhere else. And guys, I’m a freaking college teenager, we’re not easy to please. But please! Go. To. Kevin.
Real. KD
Real. K.
15:51 09 Oct 19
Kevin runs an amazing business. The refurbished S7 I bought wasn't so refurbished on the battery side of things. Kevin not only swapped the battery out flawlessly, but spent a good amount of time making sure that IF I decided to send the phone back after the repair, the company would still accept it.Considering he took time to make sure I knew all the possible contingencies, was upfront and honest about everything, and was in general just a nice guy to hang out with, I highly recommend Hotshot Repair.
Jonathan Thacker
Jonathan T.
15:10 19 Nov 18
You wont find a more honest and respectful guy to work on your electronics , no smug teenagers at the front desk like other shops in town *cough* irepair*cough* and no taking advantage of you either just and honest hard working guy who is very very knowledgable , i myself work on my own electronics and when something is beyond my knowledge/skill i take it to kevin because i know he is trustworthy and has the skills to kick some a$$ and get the job done right the first time , he has yet to ever let me down . Use hotshot you wont regret it .
14:26 12 Feb 20
Kevin is by far the best individual in town when it comes to phone and computer repairs. I wouldn't recommend going to see anyone else but Kevin! He does an outstanding job with any task you put him to. His schedule is flexible, he's extremely nice and he'll make sure you walk out happy!
Dylan Z
Dylan Z
21:58 11 Apr 18
I found Kevin through a google search and did not know he was close by. From start to finish professional, easy, lowest price and fastest I have ever experienced in 5 repairs I have had done.
Meena H
Meena H
19:26 07 Jul 18
Best repair service in Columbia. I was very impressed. I will definitely reuse for my future tech repair needs
Zach Clark
Zach C.
21:49 27 Mar 19
AMAZING!!!! Kevin really knows what he's doing. My iphone wasn't working and he immediately took it apart, ran a couple of simple diagnostics and boom, he knew it was the battery and it was done. He also gave me additional information about my phone that I wouldn't have had any idea about. I definitely would recommend him for any phone repair and I will definitely will go back if I need help again.
Barbara Wilson
Barbara W.
16:47 29 Nov 18
I am originally from Los Angeles, CA and I was worried that iPhone repairs here in CoMo would be outrageously priced (in LA, there are phone repair shops...
Brit L.
Brit L.
22:48 12 Oct 18
Great price and speedy repair on my laptop. Will go again for a complicated repair.
Donovan Moser
Donovan M.
00:35 28 Jun 20
Great service! I brought my laptop in and Kevin explained the issue and repaired it in minutes. I highly recommend.
Lyndsey Rector
Lyndsey R.
21:27 23 May 19
Helped me with repairing my PlayStation HDMI port. Amazing guy and great service for a great price. Extremely recommend!
Patrick Moore
Patrick M.
20:49 13 Apr 18
Came in for a computer repair and left in 20 minutes with my laptop AND phone working good as new. Highly recommend.
Taylor Strader
Taylor S.
22:01 25 Jul 18
Hotshot repair is absolutely the best electronics repair shop in Columbia maybe even the whole state of Missouri! Kevin is an awesome dude with amazing customer service. You can really tell he cares about helping you get your problem fixed. His knowledge and will to troubleshoot raises the bar. He will go over all your options and give you his honest opinion before he even takes the job. Then he will explain what's going on and keep you updated on your repair all for a fair and reasonable price. I highly recommend hotshot repair! If you have a computer or phone problem let him help you, you won't regret it!Thanks again Kevin you rock dude! I think the computer is working better than when I bought it!
Stephen at 2nd Tour Publishing
Stephen at 2nd Tour P.
17:26 23 Jun 18
He had fixed my iPhone charger port it only took about 20 mins total I have been to him a few times before he does great work and I would definitely recommend going to hot shot repair
fortnite leader
fortnite L.
22:55 03 Aug 18
Kevin is awesome, he is highly skilled and his integrity as a craftsman technician is above and beyond. Everything he does is performed under a microscope literally and his repairs are superior in most cases to oem specifications
Damon Hodges
Damon H.
18:44 26 Aug 18
I had my iPhone 8 screen replaced, and it was so easy and convenient. I had been putting off repairing it, because I was afraid it would be a huge hassle. But I walked into Hotshot, with no appointment, and he replaced the screen in 20 min, at a great price.
Josey's Places
Josey's P.
21:11 08 Oct 19
Such a pleasant experience! This was my very first time having to get a phone repaired and I would HIGHLY recommend HotShot Repair!! He was very professional, fast and efficient! Also the best priced in town! I did my research and I’m so glad I came across HotShot Repair! This will be our go to place for any repairs needed in the future!! You won’t be disappointed!! Thanks for being reasonably priced and and just down right awesome at what you do!!
Melissa Stevenson
Melissa S.
22:59 22 Apr 19
Great customer service and reasonably priced! When you make an appointment online, you receive a discount for $10 (awesome!) I made my appointment for an iPhone 6 battery replacement. The time it took to replace the battery was extremely fast (~15 minutes at most). Kevin kindly displayed the repair process through his camera and monitor so I didn't have to stare at the wall the entire time. He is extremely technologically knowledgable. He was able to answer all of the questions and misconceptions I had about battery life (e.g., will keeping the phone charged all night damage the battery, does unplugging the phone when it is not 100% charged damage the battery, etc). Thanks again for the great service!
Brit Brit
Brit B.
05:47 13 Oct 18
I shattered my phone and searched google for iPhone repair and came across Hot Shot Repair. Kevin gave me the lowest price I had found after researching different iPhone repair places in Columbia. He also gave me 20 dollars off and fixed my phone within 20 minutes. Would highly reccomend to anyone needing their iPhone fixed!
Madison Sorenson
Madison S.
16:35 24 Sep 18


Hotshot Repair is your iPhone repair, iPad repair and computer repair headquarters.  I specialize in Apples range of products but I offer a full range of device repair services for every make and model of device, and computer.

I keep most Apple device parts in stock, and ready for your repair.  This is harder with other makes and models, but don’t worry.  I can special order the part you need, and get your device fixed up fast, and for less than any other shop in Columbia.


  • Apple iPhone and Apple iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Tab
  • LG G Series
  • Motorola Moto


  • Apple iMac and Apple MacBook
  • ASUS
  • Sony
  • Toshiba


  • PS3 and PS4
  • XBox
  • LCD TVs
  • Printers
  • Drones
  • and More


I want to provide my customers with top tier customer service while saving them money and time.

At Hotshot Repair you will get the best customer service in Columbia.  If you are not completely satisfied with your experience I will try my best to make it right, before you leave.

It doesn’t stop there though.  My customers shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to get their device fixed.  I try to have the lowest prices in Columbia for all of my services.  If you find a lower price elsewhere just let me know about it and I will try to beat it.

It won’t take too long either.  You don’t have to drive to an Apple store in Kansas City or St. Louis to get your Apple device fixed.  I can fix it right here, in my shop in less time than anyone else.  Most iPhone screen repairs can be done in under 20 minutes.