Call Hotshot Repair for fast, friendly iPhone repair, that won’t cost a lot of money.  I have been fixing iPhones, iPads and computers for over a decade, and I am probably one of the only people in Columbia certified to repair iPhone and iPad logic boards. That means other shops send the devices that they can’t fix to me. Why not skip the middle man, and come straight to the only shop in Columbia that will do the job right, the first time.

I don’t just fix iPhones either.  If you need iPad repair or computer repair, I can help you out too.  I can replace cracked screens, and broken LCDs, replace charger ports and power jacks, and even replace batteries.

No matter what is happening to your precious device, I can probably fix it.


No matter what device is causing you headaches, I can help you out.  I can fix your broken screens and replace your failed charger ports.  I can replace your dead batteries, and even bring your phone back from the dead after liquid damage.

It doesn’t end there though.  If your computer is acting up, I can help you with that too.  I can replace failing hard drives, and even upgrade your computer with the latest state of the art solid state drives.  I can increase your computers memory capacity, letting you run more applications.  I can even remove viruses and malware from your computer making it run like new again.


Other shops in Columbia charge up to $25 to take a look at your device. At Hotshot Repair I offer FREE initial diagnostics for iPhones and iPads.


I specialize in hard to repair devices, that other shops turn away. If another shop in Columbia told you your device can’t be fixed, come to Hotshot Repair.


Hotshot Repair has the lowest prices in Columbia. If you get a lower quote in writing from somewhere else, just bring it in and I will beat it.


I recently took my granddaughter's iPad to Hotshot for a screen repair. It was a pleasure working with Kevin to repair this problem. He was able to order...
David L.
David L.
06:22 07 Dec 19
Kevin is the BES! He's extremely knowledgeable and honest. He will do what's needed to repair your i item, and is great at explaining what needs to be done....
Jackie O.
Jackie O.
11:52 07 Jan 19
Kevin gave us a quick repair (under 2 hours) at an affordable price � Definitely recommend his service!
Samantha Conners
Samantha C.
17:48 01 Oct 17
Hotshot Repair fixed my cracked screen super fast and I was very happy with the price! I definitely recommend Hotshot repair
Tabitha Anderson Johnson
Tabitha Anderson J.
17:58 17 Dec 18
Great service, quality repair. I was in and out w/out an appointment in about 40 minutes. Price was fair, as well. Highly Recommend.
Shay Simms
Shay S.
16:02 20 Dec 20
Great service, great prices, and he'll communicate with you as he is working on your electronics. I won't go anywhere else for electronic repairs.
amy spain
amy S.
17:17 26 Jan 20
Kevin’s shop was everything I could ask for in a tech repair shop! Great turn around time, fair prices, honest and personable guy, most importantly got my laptop running like new. Highly recommend HotShot Repair!
Austin Curry
Austin C.
04:10 24 Sep 20
My ps4 was having issue with the hdmi port. He was able to fix it same day and for less than what playstation themselves wanted. I was able to get back to gaming thanks to hotshot repair.
Brittany Badding
Brittany B.
16:41 26 Jul 20
Replaced my phone screen in about an hour. I will use again if I need more electronic repairs.
Dan Mueller
Dan M.
18:40 06 Apr 20
Great service. Highly recommend this business. I randomly searched for iPhone repair today after I shattered my screen. They were $20 less than the...
Space D.
Space D.
10:33 13 Jul 19
Due to dropping my iPhone one too many times, I started getting intermittent green flashing screen. Finally it just stopped working. Hotshot Repair was able to help me get my phone fixed fast (like in 15 minutes) and very affordable fee! I highly recommend Hotshot Repair for your phone repairs!
Craig Stichter
Craig S.
14:39 28 Sep 20
I had my PS4 fan burn out, and was panicking for a week. Found Kevin and had a great conversation on the phone, and repair took a day (technically hours,...
Leon S.
Leon S.
10:46 18 Mar 20
Great price and speedy repair on my laptop. Will go again for a complicated repair.
Donovan Moser
Donovan M.
00:35 28 Jun 20
Kevin was the absolute best. I brought in my laptop at 8am with water damage, thinking it was beyond repair after it crackled and turned on at random... a...
Emma N.
Emma N.
15:45 19 Oct 20
Fixed my phone in under 15 min, and it looks and works perfectly. He even gives a free screen protector, and the repair is half the price of everyone else in town.
Mason Mendez
Mason M.
21:24 02 Nov 17
Kevin was fantastic! Thoroughly explained all possible problems I might be experiencing. He was able to give me ideas of cost for repair and kept in touch...
Amy S.
Amy S.
16:23 02 Nov 19
Great repair on my phone
Joey Lolly
Joey L.
03:57 08 Aug 20
Thank you Kevin for the fast and great repair! We will definitely be using you in the future! Affordable and quality is the way to go! Customer service was outstanding!
McKenzie Stickney
McKenzie S.
20:51 08 Oct 20
Had my iPhone screen replaced today. Would recommend Hotshot to anyone in need of electronics repair. Very easy to find. It took 15 minutes just like he said. We just hung out while he did the repair. Great guy.
Logan McGuffey
Logan M.
22:28 20 Apr 18
By far the best customer service, fast and professional care for your electronics. Thanks Kevin I will recommend Hotshot repair to all my friends!!
Aubray Davis
Aubray D.
14:35 11 May 18
You wont find a more honest and respectful guy to work on your electronics , no smug teenagers at the front desk like other shops in town *cough* irepair*cough* and no taking advantage of you either just and honest hard working guy who is very very knowledgable , i myself work on my own electronics and when something is beyond my knowledge/skill i take it to kevin because i know he is trustworthy and has the skills to kick some a$$ and get the job done right the first time , he has yet to ever let me down . Use hotshot you wont regret it .
14:26 12 Feb 20
Kevin runs an amazing business. The refurbished S7 I bought wasn't so refurbished on the battery side of things. Kevin not only swapped the battery out flawlessly, but spent a good amount of time making sure that IF I decided to send the phone back after the repair, the company would still accept it.Considering he took time to make sure I knew all the possible contingencies, was upfront and honest about everything, and was in general just a nice guy to hang out with, I highly recommend Hotshot Repair.
Jonathan Thacker
Jonathan T.
15:09 19 Nov 18
I wanted my laptop's hard drive updated to an SSD. Kevin was communicative and responsive, and gave accurate estimates of how long it would take. The pricing was very fair and the repair was even faster than planned! I am very excited about my upgrade.
Sarah Cranston
Sarah C.
18:17 06 Nov 20
Great customer service and reasonably priced! When you make an appointment online, you receive a discount for $10 (awesome!) I made my appointment for an iPhone 6 battery replacement. The time it took to replace the battery was extremely fast (~15 minutes at most). Kevin kindly displayed the repair process through his camera and monitor so I didn't have to stare at the wall the entire time. He is extremely technologically knowledgable. He was able to answer all of the questions and misconceptions I had about battery life (e.g., will keeping the phone charged all night damage the battery, does unplugging the phone when it is not 100% charged damage the battery, etc). Thanks again for the great service!
Brit Brit
Brit B.
05:47 13 Oct 18
Helped me with repairing my PlayStation HDMI port. Amazing guy and great service for a great price. Extremely recommend!
Patrick Moore
Patrick M.
20:49 13 Apr 18
My iPhone 6 got the black screen of death! Found Hotshot repair on google search. He replaced the screen, battery and my ear phone ( sound had gotten weak on phone calls) . Great service and knowledge on the repairs! Highly recommend Hotshot repair!
bill kersey
bill K.
06:55 27 Apr 20
My adorable 8 month old lab decided that he would retrieve my wife's iPhone for her. Though his intentions were good, it was a little rough on the phone. His tooth damaged the home button, resulting in her being unable to unlock the phone easily. I called Kevin with Hotshot Repair to inquire what my options would be to repair it. After spending 5 minutes describing all of my options, including suggesting other businesses that could provide the service, he then took the extra time to walk me through changing a setting that allows my wife to use her phone until we get it fixed. I am very thankful for Kevin's professionalism and superb customer service! Anyone needing phone repair should definitely talk to Hotshot Repair first!
Jacob Heyen
Jacob H.
17:24 07 Jan 20
Came in for a computer repair and left in 20 minutes with my laptop AND phone working good as new. Highly recommend.
Taylor Strader
Taylor S.
22:01 25 Jul 18
I am originally from Los Angeles, CA and I was worried that iPhone repairs here in CoMo would be outrageously priced (in LA, there are phone repair shops...
Brit L.
Brit L.
22:48 12 Oct 18
Quick screen replacement and always does a good job for a good price!!!Makes sure customer is happy with repair!😁
J B.
J B.
17:25 08 Aug 20


Hotshot Repair is your iPhone repair, iPad repair and computer repair headquarters.  I specialize in Apples range of products but I offer a full range of device repair services for every make and model of device, and computer.

I keep most Apple device parts in stock, and ready for your repair.  This is harder with other makes and models, but don’t worry.  I can special order the part you need, and get your device fixed up fast, and for less than any other shop in Columbia.





I want to provide my customers with top tier customer service while saving them money and time.

At Hotshot Repair you will get the best customer service in Columbia.  If you are not completely satisfied with your experience I will try my best to make it right, before you leave.

It doesn’t stop there though.  My customers shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to get their device fixed.  I try to have the lowest prices in Columbia for all of my services.  If you find a lower price elsewhere just let me know about it and I will try to beat it.

It won’t take too long either.  You don’t have to drive to an Apple store in Kansas City or St. Louis to get your Apple device fixed.  I can fix it right here, in my shop in less time than anyone else.  Most iPhone screen repairs can be done in under 20 minutes.