Call Hotshot Repair for fast, friendly iPhone repair, that won’t cost a lot of money.  I have been fixing iPhones, iPads and computers for over a decade, and I am probably one of the only people in Columbia certified to repair iPhone and iPad logic boards. That means other shops send the devices that they can’t fix to me. Why not skip the middle man, and come straight to the only shop in Columbia that will do the job right, the first time.

I don’t just fix iPhones either.  If you need iPad repair or computer repair, I can help you out too.  I can replace cracked screens, and broken LCDs, replace charger ports and power jacks, and even replace batteries.

No matter what is happening to your precious device, I can probably fix it.


No matter what device is causing you headaches, I can help you out.  I can fix your broken screens and replace your failed charger ports.  I can replace your dead batteries, and even bring your phone back from the dead after liquid damage.

It doesn’t end there though.  If your computer is acting up, I can help you with that too.  I can replace failing hard drives, and even upgrade your computer with the latest state of the art solid state drives.  I can increase your computers memory capacity, letting you run more applications.  I can even remove viruses and malware from your computer making it run like new again.


Other shops in Columbia charge up to $25 to take a look at your device. At Hotshot Repair I offer FREE initial diagnostics for iPhones and iPads.


I specialize in hard to repair devices, that other shops turn away. If another shop in Columbia told you your device can’t be fixed, come to Hotshot Repair.


Hotshot Repair has the lowest prices in Columbia. If you get a lower quote in writing from somewhere else, just bring it in and I will beat it.


Thank you Kevin for the fast and great repair! We will definitely be using you in the future! Affordable and quality is the way to go! Customer service was outstanding!
McKenzie Bailey
McKenzie B.
20:51 08 Oct 20
Kevin was incredibly helpful and kind; he was up front about the potential cost of repairing my kids' tablet and even suggested places I could take it for recycling! Definitely recommend!
Amber Abernathy
Amber A.
14:22 30 Nov 23
Our Xbox was repaired in about an hour! The price was great, as was the customer service.
Bekki Brewer
Bekki B.
00:17 14 May 22
I had my PS4 fan burn out, and was panicking for a week. Found Kevin and had a great conversation on the phone, and repair took a day (technically hours,...
Leon S.
Leon S.
10:46 18 Mar 20
Quick diagnosis, good communication, fast and affordable repair!
John Wietholder
John W.
16:26 16 Jul 22
This guy knows his stuff! I got a CPU repaste and cleaning. Detailed photos were provided along with regular progress updates. All done in around an hour the same amount of time he said it would take! Price was beyond reasonable and I would highly recommend taking your electronics for any needed repairs. Very casual business owner who treats you like a human. 👍
Vincenzo Ribaudo
Vincenzo R.
14:58 11 Mar 24
Called in to see about a repair and the gentleman on the phone was so helpful and kind while taking the time to answer all of my questions. He was up front about expectations and rather than push a repair that might not have held, he gave me the information to make my own decision as to whether or not the repair would be worth it. 10/10 customer service. I will be bringing my repairs here in the future.
18:22 13 Sep 23
I had Hotshot repair the screen of my laptop and he did a fantastic job. Plus his prices are very reasonable when you consider some of the alternatives. I would recommend them to anyone who needs computer repairs.
Robert Palmer
Robert P.
13:58 09 Apr 22
This is the best place for electronic repair. My PS4; which I had for eight years, went out. I took it there and within two hours it was fixed. Definitely worth it
The Truth Hurts Don't It?
The Truth Hurts Don't I.
09:03 26 Feb 22
I got a screen replaced on an iPhone and the service at Hotshot was fantastic. I will for sure come back for any electronic repair needs.
Jeremy Aldridge
Jeremy A.
00:32 23 Nov 21
Kevin at Hotshot repair is an awesome guy and I HIGHLY recommend him for any electronics services!! Unfortunately, I mistakenly pulled on my fan plug from my PS5’s motherboard and thought that was the end. If anyone has any experience dealing with Sony repair turnaround times, you understand you will be waiting 5-6 weeks to get a console repaired (not to mention the steep costs involved). He was able to get my situation resolved in a timely manner for a VERY affordable price all in 1 day!!! Go see this man for any electronic assistance!!
Jordan Setler
Jordan S.
15:20 02 Feb 24
I called two other Apple repair shops. I was told by one shop it would take two to three days to replace a battery in my iPad. The other shop said they had...
Terri C.
Terri C.
17:58 31 Jan 22
I had a very good experience with this repair shop. My wife's iPhone randomly stopped working. The screen was showing a restore message, but restore was not working. I took the phone to best buy Geek squad who spent 10 mins on it and said that I need to replace the phone, without actually diagnosing the problem. When I took the phone to Hotshot repair, the person not only correctly identified the hardware problem, he was also able to fix it. He is very honest and upfront about the costs and residual issues. He told us that the hardware that is supposed to do faceID was broken and for security issues, this component could not be replaced. The phone could be fixed, but would not have FaceID. We went ahead with the repair and plan to keep it as a backup phone.Overall, very impressed with his knowledge, skill and honesty.
Chaitanya Panchangam
Chaitanya P.
01:08 17 Mar 21
This place is great for electronics repair. Kevin knows what he's doing and is able to give a quick assessment of the problem and what he can do to fix it....
Victor M.
Victor M.
15:04 19 Mar 22
I am originally from Los Angeles, CA and I was worried that iPhone repairs here in CoMo would be outrageously priced (in LA, there are phone repair shops...
Brit L.
Brit L.
22:48 12 Oct 18
Kevin brought my son's Xbox X series back to life by replacing the HDMI port. He had it done a day later. He was great to work with-trustworthy, did good work, courteous… Good experience and I’ll be back the next time I need an electronic repaired.
Jennifer Shields
Jennifer S.
07:41 04 Aug 22
Kevin was the absolute best. I brought in my laptop at 8am with water damage, thinking it was beyond repair after it crackled and turned on at random... a...
Emma N.
Emma N.
15:45 19 Oct 20
Kevin gave us a quick repair (under 2 hours) at an affordable price � Definitely recommend his service!
Samantha Conners
Samantha C.
17:48 01 Oct 17
I have to say, Kevin at Hotshot repair is AWESOME!!! He goes above and beyond to keep you up to date on the repair process. In my case, I live about an hour a way, and he was willing to ship it for me so I wouldn't have to make a special trip!Pricing is excellent with the customer service you receive from Kevin! Just think, repairing your broken is sooo much cheaper than having to buy a brand new phone, or enter into another contract with your carrier to get a new phone.Kevin's 5 star reviews for Hotshot Repair don't lie. I highly recommend reaching out to him for any phone repair issues. He is up front, honest, and keeps you up to date on progress.THANK YOU KEVIN AND HOTSHOT REPAIR!!!
Christopher Lozuaway
Christopher L.
17:11 16 Oct 21
Great service. Highly recommend this business. I randomly searched for iPhone repair today after I shattered my screen. They were $20 less than the...
Space D.
Space D.
10:33 13 Jul 19
Fixed my phone in under 15 min, and it looks and works perfectly. He even gives a free screen protector, and the repair is half the price of everyone else in town.
Mason Mendez
Mason M.
21:24 02 Nov 17
We found Hotspot to have our Xbox Series S worked on. Kevin was professional and very transparent with solutions and pricing! Highly recommend using his services For your electronic repairs.
Stephanie Cole
Stephanie C.
00:22 06 Aug 22
Kevin runs an amazing business. The refurbished S7 I bought wasn't so refurbished on the battery side of things. Kevin not only swapped the battery out flawlessly, but spent a good amount of time making sure that IF I decided to send the phone back after the repair, the company would still accept it.Considering he took time to make sure I knew all the possible contingencies, was upfront and honest about everything, and was in general just a nice guy to hang out with, I highly recommend Hotshot Repair.
Jonathan Thacker
Jonathan T.
15:09 19 Nov 18
My Xbox X had a black screen and would not work at all. I was about to give up and call it a lose and then I found hotshots repair. He fixed it in a few hours. Outstanding work and very friendly and professional. If you have electronics that need work, this is the place to call!
Jd Nodine
Jd N.
19:40 01 Oct 21
Excellent service. This guy knows his stuff, and is affordable. He gives you multiple options for repairs, based on your budget. I would never go anywhere else.
Val Killmore
Val K.
19:49 12 Sep 22
Helped me with repairing my PlayStation HDMI port. Amazing guy and great service for a great price. Extremely recommend!
Patrick Moore
Patrick M.
20:49 13 Apr 18
I highly recommend Kevin and his repair shop. He is all about customer service. He listens, understands and answers the questions asked. He educates and...
Linda P.
Linda P.
18:36 05 Apr 21
Super good service. Not only that he repaired my ipad - he help me with another issue I was having. It's worth the drive to take my IT stuff to him.
sue waltrip
sue W.
21:11 16 Sep 21
He repaired my phone screen super fast and did a great job. I actually had slight damage to my screen again within six month of my first repair (caused by myself not, any issue with the original repair) and he replaced it again for me since the screen was still under warranty. He’s a very nice guy and was able to give me some tips on protecting my screen and suggested a protective case for me. I 100% recommend getting any of your devices repaired at Hot Shot Repair!
DeLaney Horstman
DeLaney H.
17:55 23 May 22
Although I am not yet certain that the desired repair will be accomplished successfully, I am optimistically awaiting communication from this service...
David C.
David C.
17:28 02 Sep 21
Kevin is the BES! He's extremely knowledgeable and honest. He will do what's needed to repair your i item, and is great at explaining what needs to be done....
Jackie O.
Jackie O.
11:52 07 Jan 19
I have to say, Kevin at Hotshot repair is AWESOME!!! He goes above and beyond to keep you up to date on the repair process. In my case, I live about an hour a way, and he was willing to ship it for me so I wouldn't have to make a special trip! Pricing is excellent with the customer service you receive from Kevin! Just think, repairing your broken is sooo much cheaper than having to buy a brand new phone, or enter into another contract with your carrier to get a new phone. Kevin's 5 star reviews for Hotshot Repair don't lie. I highly recommend reaching out to him for any phone repair issues. He is up front, honest, and keeps you up to date on progress.THANK YOU KEVIN AND HOTSHOT REPAIR!!!
Christopher Lozuaway
Christopher L.
17:12 16 Oct 21
Great owner I called him about a water damaged phone and he was 100% with me saying he wouldn't repair it because it's not warranty and I really respect the honesty and referring to anyone
lacey prewitt
lacey P.
18:10 13 Jul 23
I recently took my granddaughter's iPad to Hotshot for a screen repair. It was a pleasure working with Kevin to repair this problem. He was able to order...
David L.
David L.
06:22 07 Dec 19
Had my iPhone screen replaced today. Would recommend Hotshot to anyone in need of electronics repair. Very easy to find. It took 15 minutes just like he said. We just hung out while he did the repair. Great guy.
Logan McGuffey
Logan M.
22:28 20 Apr 18
By far the best customer service, fast and professional care for your electronics. Thanks Kevin I will recommend Hotshot repair to all my friends!!
Aubray Davis
Aubray D.
14:35 11 May 18
Kevin was friendly and the repair was quick! He was able to fix my daughter's cracked iPad screen same day. Price was competitive! I would recommend and...
Raelene W.
Raelene W.
12:24 04 Jan 22
What an amazing company!!! One of the few places that is exactly as it's described on his website. Awesome guy, fast service, super honest. This is who everyone should be using for PC repair!
Jacob Brummet
Jacob B.
02:41 13 Jan 24
This is an amazing business! They repaired my iPhone Screen in under 15min!!!After getting screwed over by Columbia iRepair putting a faulty screen on my iPhone, the gentleman here was able to put a new screen on my phone with zero issues. He uses high quality iPhone screens and over 2 weeks later my phone is still working phenomenally.
Gabrielle Rupp
Gabrielle R.
13:11 17 May 22
Kevin was fantastic! Thoroughly explained all possible problems I might be experiencing. He was able to give me ideas of cost for repair and kept in touch...
Amy S.
Amy S.
16:23 02 Nov 19


Hotshot Repair is your iPhone repair, iPad repair and computer repair headquarters.  I specialize in Apples range of products but I offer a full range of device repair services for every make and model of device, and computer.

I keep most Apple device parts in stock, and ready for your repair.  This is harder with other makes and models, but don’t worry.  I can special order the part you need, and get your device fixed up fast, and for less than any other shop in Columbia.





I want to provide my customers with top tier customer service while saving them money and time.

At Hotshot Repair you will get the best customer service in Columbia.  If you are not completely satisfied with your experience I will try my best to make it right, before you leave.

It doesn’t stop there though.  My customers shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to get their device fixed.  I try to have the lowest prices in Columbia for all of my services.  If you find a lower price elsewhere just let me know about it and I will try to beat it.

It won’t take too long either.  You don’t have to drive to an Apple store in Kansas City or St. Louis to get your Apple device fixed.  I can fix it right here, in my shop in less time than anyone else.  Most iPhone screen repairs can be done in under 20 minutes.